Seventy years ago, the UN gathered for a vote that was transformational for Jews around the world. 

The build up of pressure and diplomacy around the world was immense. No country was too small, no government too insignificant to form relationships, find the leverage so they will vote yes. Every confirmation of a yes vote was reconfirmed and reconfirmed. All promised votes were counted and recounted. The men and women who led the Jewish Agency, and later the Israeli government did not rest. 

Finally, the vote began. Will the UN approve the recommendation to partition Mandatory Palestine? All over the world, and nowhere else more than in Israel, Jews gathered around radios and sheets of paper and marked every “Yes,” swore at every “No,” and sighed at every abstention. And then it was over. 33 Yeses, 13 Nos, and 10 abstentions. 

Resolution 181 was adopted. We have a Jewish State! Mazal tov!

The coming months will have more celebrations, activities, and programs in our Jewish community to recognize 70 years for Israel’s Independence. 
The Jewish community will come together and activities will be held all over the community. Do not miss the fun, the learning, and the coming together for the celebration and recognition of the Jewish state. 

Stay tuned for more information about all these programs.

Happy Birthday Israel!

Israel Map Timeline

See how Israel has evolved over the course of history.

Yom Haatzmaut Programs

Check back often for updates and new programming related to our ongoing community-wide celebration of Yom Haatzmaut 70!