Mark and Amanda Brodsky

Mark and Amanda met in 8th grade science class in sunny South Florida.  They were great friends but when Mark moved up North midway through high school, they lost contact for many years.  Almost 15 years later, they reconnected and have been together ever since.  They had a long distance relationship, until Mark convinced Amanda that Harrisburg had so much more to offer than the busy life of Fort Lauderdale.  Boy-o-boy was Amanda in for a rude awakening when she moved in the middle of the 2014 blizzard.

Amanda is the owner and primary therapist of The Neurofeedback & Counseling Center of Pennsylvania.  Mark is a Financial Services Professional with New York Life Insurance Company in Harrisburg.  They recently wed in August 2015 and are excited to be a part of the Dancing with the Community Stars.

Amanda has a history of dancing since a young age and is excited to be performing, while Mark has no history of dancing.  They have practiced to perform and to have fun for a great cause.  The JCC means so much to Mark and Amanda as they are involved members and love supporting numerous events.  The JCC has been a focal point for the Brodsky family for over a decade.  Marks's children participate in various activities, attend the Silver Academy, and benefit greatly from the wonderful JCC Summer Camp.  

Mark and Amanda would like to thank all of their family and friends whom have donated money and time to be here tonight to help support the JCC with them.