Harrisburg Haverim: Harrisburg Friends Donor Society


A Society for our friends who live afar but remain close at heart


Harrisburg Friends Donor Society is an initiative of the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg (JFGH) to engage former Harrisburgers who still have strong connection to this community and are committed to ensuring the continuity of the Harrisburg Jewish community for generations to come.


To become a member and to sustain the membership an annual gift of at least $180 to the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg is required. Each new fiscal year’s contribution will keep the membership active.


There are three levels of membership:

                      a. $180 – Silver Haver
                      b. $500 – Gold Haver
                      c. $1,800 and above – Platinum Haver

     i. 50% of the contribution will fund the JFGH Annual Campaign

    ii. 50% will be directed towards the Harrisburg Haverim Fund which is an endowment fund established with the Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania

  *Growth of the fund will be directed towards Jewish organizations within the Greater Harrisburg area

 *An annual grants process solicits proposals from Jewish organizations in the Greater Harrisburg area for grants from the Harrisburg Haverim Fund.


For more information, please contact Amanda Kohn at 717-236-9555 x 3299.

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