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By participating in our Community Wide Bequest Initiative community members commit to leaving gifts in their estate for the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg and other organizations in our community. Your gift will help to secure the future of this organization and our Jewish community for generations to come. Signing a Letter of Intent demonstrates the promise you will formalize the gift so it is reflected in your will, trust, or other estate documents. If you already have the Federation listed in your paperwork as a recipient of a gift, you can still complete a Letter of Intent to showcase your dedication and inspire others to do the same.

Thank you to the following community members for signing their Letters of Intent*

Anonymous  |  Deborah Abel  |  Margie and Alfred Adelmann  |  William L. Adler
Marcia Cohen  |  Sanford Cohen  |  Michael Doctrow  |  Ricci Rubin Doctrow  |  Aaron N. Dym 
Shari Dym  
|  Holly S. Engelman  |  Ann Sherman Feierman  |  Bradley Forman Family
Linda and Harvey Freedenberg  |  Rob and Jami Friedman  |  ​Gerry Gorelick  
Margaret Grotzinger and Mark Glick ​
 |  Henig Family  |  Judith Hodara
Aaron and Cheryl Krause  | 
Sanford Krevsky  |  Dr. Michael and Ivy Levine
Samuel Levine  |  Dr. Stan Lewin  |  Jay Maisel  |  Mark Maisel  |  Neysa O. Maisel 
Andrea Lieber Merwin  |  Josh Millman  |  Marti and Jerry Morrison 
Martin M. Rogoff  |  Hallie and Larry Rosen  |  Jennifer Ross  |  Bert Rubin 
Myrna Rubin  |  David A. Rubinsky 
 |  Linda Schwab  ​​|  Julie Sherman
Marjorie M. Sherman
 |  Gail and Conrad Siegel  |  Abby Smith
Cynthia Sussman  |  Rhea and Alan Swidler
Susan and Stephan Symons 

*List as of 5/4/17

Please sign your Letter of Intent today!


An unprecedented transfer of generational wealth is taking place before our eyes. Yet Jewish organizations by and large have not fully recognized the possibilities or sought legacy gifts despite the knowledge that endowments will have an increasingly impactful role in sustaining the future of their organizations.

Having this knowledge, the question we hope to answer is “Can our Jewish community be motivated to become proactive in encouraging widespread bequest giving?” With implementation of Our Community Wide Bequest Initiative the answer is a resounding YES!

Our Jewish Community Foundation of Central Pennsylvania is sponsoring our Community Wide Bequest Initiative. Our Foundation is working in partnership with the Harold Grinspoon foundation to present the program. 


Please remember the foundation of Central Pennsylvania for the benefit of Jewish causes meaningful to you in your will, estate plan or by beneficiary designation.

Life and Legacy Team
Mark Maisel (Team Leader)
Margie Adelmann
Sandy Cohen
Jenn Ross
Julie Sherman
Abby Smith
Staff Liaison – Oren Yagil
Contact Oren Yagil for more information at 717.236.9555 x3299