Our certified and experienced personal trainers are here to assist you in your fitness routine by helping you achieve your fitness goals through personal training. Whether you want to build strength, improve flexibility, enhance performance, lose weight or prevent injury, you’ll be matched with a personal trainer who’s right for you. 


Personal Training


Is the best way to improve your workout!  It doesn’t matter your current fitness level let our certified professionals help you reach your fitness goals.  Our trainers are available to work around your busy schedule and look forward to helping you.


Suspension Training

Are you looking for something new in your workout?  Suspension Training is a class that allows you to build power, strength, flexibility, and  balance, all at the intensity you choose.  The class provides an amazing full body workout.  Spaces are limited so to reserve a spot today by contacting Jeremy.


Group Interval Training

Group interval training is a great way to meet your strength and fitness goals with the support of others. Contact Jeremy for more info.


For more information on personal, suspension, or group interval training please contact Jeremy at 717-236-9555 x3110

Can't wait to get in shape? Use our online booking tools to book personal training time with Jeremy and John! Simply select the length of workout, trainer, and day that you are interested in. 

Thank you for including us in your fitness journey and congratulations on taking the first step!

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  • Jeremy Kreiser

    Training has been Jeremy’s passion since he graduated as a Physical Fitness Specialist from Pennsylvania College of Technology. Jeremy has been an ACE Certified Personal Trainer since 2005. He loves the challenge and satisfaction of setting and obtaining goals. In addition to working as a Personal Trainer, Jeremy is also the Fitness Manager at the Harrisburg JCC.