Hebrew High


To register your teen for Hebrew High! 

Hebrew High is open to all Jewish students in grades 8-12 and starts on Sunday, September 18.  Please go to www.jewishharrisburg.org, click onto “Impact,” review course selections, and then register your teen for Hebrew High.

The Harrisburg Hebrew High School is a joint project of the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg and area congregations (although synagogue affiliation is not a pre-requisite for Hebrew High attendance).The variety of course options and the combination of social and educational experiences is sure to please the “non-joiner,” the “socialite,” and “student body president” in all of us. Courses range from art to Talmud, from ethics/values to play reading, cooking and March of the Living! 

Hebrew High is more than just classes.  HH is about being with friends, learning new things, and making a difference.  From the moment teens enter the JCC to when it’s time to go home, they’re in store for an incredible experience every week.

HH is for teens who like their independence and who like to come to their own conclusions about life and how being Jewish fits into their own lives.  HH offers discussion-based classes with open-minded faculty who let the students guide the conversations.

There’s a strong social component to Hebrew High. Just imagine the JCC on a Sunday evening…filled with teens, learning about living a Jewish life, in a Jewish environment, with their Jewish peers.  That’s what HH offers!  Students are encouraged to come and hang out with their friends.  The break time is perfect for seeing friends who live all across the area.

If you have any questions, please contact Jenna Rappaport at 236-9555, ext. 3402. 

See you at Hebrew High in the fall! 


About Hebrew High

Area Jewish congregations and the Jewish Federation of Greater Harrisburg have established Harrisburg Hebrew High School in order to provide post-B’nai Mitzvah students with a body of Hebraic and Judaic knowledge necessary for the Jewish adolescent embarking on adulthood. Hebrew High is dedicated to providing positive and meaningful education experiences for students, instilling in them the value of study and strong sense of Jewish identity, which will be with them during their college years and beyond.


The community’s awareness of the relationship between Jewish education and Jewish continuity has led to creating a curriculum that sets a strong foundation in traditional and contemporary Jewish studies. Courses are offered for the 8th through 12th grade students. In order to accommodate the wide variety of age and interest groups represented at Hebrew High, there are several "tracking" options for students, ranging from the confirmation and graduation tracks to the open enrollment track.


Congratulations to the 2016 Graduating Class!


For information on Hebrew High, contact Lillian Rappaport