March of the Living


The “March of the Living” program for Jewish teens provides an extraordinary opportunity for Jewish youth to gain a greater understanding of twentieth century Jewish history and also serves as a catalyst to reaffirm Jewish commitment and identity. Over a two-week period, thousands of students from all corners of the earth gather together in Poland to commemorate Yom Ha’shoah and then proceed to Israel to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut.  The impact of the March lasts a lifetime. As one March alumnus stated, “Before I went on the March, I was a Jew in my head.  Now I’m a Jew in my heart.”


We offer the March on an annual basis and it is open to all interested Jewish 12th graders, whether or not they have previously attended Sababa (formerly Hebrew High). However, students who have attended Sababa for all 5 years may be eligible for a $1,000.  The Gesher L’Machar Endowment Fund will provide need-based subsidies for the March of the Living.  Area synagogues also may provide scholarship funding. 


All teen participants must attend the required March of the Living preparatory course offered through Sababa.


For more information on the March of the Living, please contact Sally Jo Bronner, Jewish Education Director, at 236-9555 x 3206 ​.